Monday, 6 February 2012

trip to MNR for pre IVA checks

took a trip to the guys at mnr today for all the pre IVA checks as well as mapping,emissions, and suspension setting.
they picked up on a few minor things but were pleased with how id built it considering its my first ever build and they really liked the look of it and rear exit exhaust setup.i think its the first ever yellow caged british racing green MNR at the moment so its definately unique! hers a few pics in the workshop. as you can see,the car took a bit of punishment on the way there as the roads were wet and covered in salt. it was filthy by the time we got there!

graphics done,and car loaded on trailer for sign writing

had my graphics done this week by cm signs and am really pleased with the outcome. we loaded it up o to the trailer and away we went! see what you think.

nose cone indicator wiring

i have also just iva proofed the front indicator wiring in the nose cone by fixing some cable tie bases to the inside of the nose and cable tying split tubing to protect the wiring. i will shorten the actual indicator wires when the car is iva,d as these are not iva compliant so will be getting removed!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

got my dash 2 fitted, and rad fan waring light.

finally got round to fitting my race technology dash 2 and radiator fan warning light.
the mnr scuttle is a funny shape and the dash 2 would not mount to it directly so i riveted a carbon effect sheet to the scuttle to take away some of the original scuttles double curve. this enabled me to mount my dash 2 square on,with no gaps around the edges. also put an illuminated warning for the radiator fan to stop me leaving it on.when the engine is running its very loud ands therew is no chance of hearing if the fan is on so the illuminated symbol should let me know to turn it off in case i forget!
i have also covered the pannel in edge trim to make sure its IVA ok, even though its in the exempt radius area behind the stgeering wheel

hybrid drive shafts fitted

finally got my hybrid drive shafts back from driveline, and fitted to the car. absolutely stunning job they did in making these shafts,as im using a honda s2000 differential and ford sierra rear hubs. i had 4x complete shafts (2x honda,2x sierra) and gave them measurements.the end result is spot on and they fit perfectly

brake fluid resevoir,filler unions and clutch cable done

i have bought some nice brake fluid filler unions and IVA proof hoses as my last ones were leaking from a seal. bought 2x 7/16" male to male unions to screw into wilwood cylinder and 2x adonised filler unions to screw it them, easy job and look really tidy too! and no leaks which is a bonus
akso dobne my clutch cable which i got from HEL yellow. p-clipped to chassis rails and connected to master cylinder and clutch slave

Monday, 16 January 2012

IVA booked so some more fettling of bodywork!

have more or less got the bodywork completely done now, its all in position,all vents are done and NACA duct vents straight into PRM intake now. all holes are drilled through bodywork,riv-nuts inerted into chassis and bolted down in position, arches securely fixed also with riv-nuts and bolts. its starting to look like the finished article now!